Sunday, August 9, 2009

8 reasons to try freelance journalism

1.You are your own boss. As a freelance writer you can enjoy an independence rarely experienced in other professions.

2.Your source of material and work is endless.

3.You can specialise in your passions.

4.You can work from home. Your costs are miniscule and your only essential tool is a computer and a phone.

5.For every story you write, you will learn at least one new fact.

6.For every story you write, you will meet at least one new person.

7.Your hours are flexible. Freelance writing is something you can do part-time. Unless you are out on assignment you can work from home, at the times that best suit you.

8.A hobby can become a career. You can turn any interest you have into profit by being published. If you have a passion for travel, adventure, show business, the arts, health and fitness, food or finance you can turn this into a money-making pursuit. Similarly if you have a professional skill, readers would like to hear from you.

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